The success of the Florida Attractions Foundation depends on the generosity of its members. At the 2014 Annual Conference in St. Augustine, Barbara Kenney of Kenney Communications displayed that generosity with a major financial gift. Barbara is a recipient of the Outstanding Associate Member Award, and has served the FAA for many years, including her time as the Associate Member Chair. She and Kenney Communications continue to be actively involved in FAA events, organizing the Annual Golf Tournament since 2007, supporting the FAA as a Strategic Partner, and donating distribution services for the Official Guide Map to Florida Attractions.

Now, Barbara is also investing in the Florida Attractions Foundation. At the Conference Launch, she announced that she would be making a $15,000 donation to the Foundation to support its mission of growing the tourism leaders of tomorrow.

Several members were moved by Barbara’s example, and Matt Johnson, 2014 Chairman of the Board, challenged attendees to make a similar pledge to match Barbara’s gift. In the days following the Conference, eight members made contributions to the Foundation:

  • Donna Ross, FAA President Emeritus ($1000)
  • Sal Dickinson, Florida Vacation Auction ($1000)
  • Linda Higgins, FPIS Inc. Brochure Distribution & Travel Marketing ($1000)
  • Ryan Guerra, Island Queen Cruises ($1000)
  • Andrew Hertz, Miami Seaquarium ($1000)
  • Keith Charlton, Florida HIA ($500)
  • Nick Romeo, iFLY Orlando ($500)
  • Mickey Carlson, OmniTicket Network ($500)

The Florida Attractions Foundation is incredibly grateful to Barbara and our donors for their very generous gifts, and we are honored by their commitment to the Foundation.